Purpose: Brings cloud computing out to the edges by enabling truly distributed applications and hosting on laptops, phones, and personal dedicated hosting devices, as well as servers.


Holo is a platform that gives web users access to decentralized Holochain applications. Developers use Holo with their Holochain applications to allow easy access from a browser. End users can then access decentralised apps by just typing in a URL. No installation of the Holochain software required.

People who do install a Holochain node, or buy a dedicated device, can run Holo hosting software. These hosts earn cryptocurrency for providing their extra computing capacity to the network. Developers pay hosts in Holo fuel to service users without their own Holochain node.


We are currently crowdfunding to raise money to build out the Holo platform, and to disseminate hosting devices and create a vibrant hosting community.

Through this campaign we’re offering the Holoport – a device that makes it easy to join a community of hosters and earn Holo fuel, a mutual-credit cryptocurrency. The crowdfunding also includes “perks” where our team will come and run a hackathon in your community, or even build a prototype Holochain application.

Apps Ecosystem

These are some of the applications that support an edge-hosted application ecosystem, and that we want for our own project. We will be developing them in this phase of the project.

  • Distributed PKI
  • Distributed Directories
  • Rating/Tagging/Annotation
  • Chat & Social posting
  • Distributed Content Delivery Network
  • A crypto-reputation-currency akin to a bit torrent sharing ratio
  • A mutual-credit cryptocurrency for micro transactions and settlement of hosting imbalances.