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Next Hackathon Locations?

Contact us if you’re interested in organizing an event in your area. Projected Hackathon possibilities

  • October 2017 - Porto, Portugal
  • November 2017 - Barcelona Spain (Nov 18-19) and Riga Latvia (Nov 27-29)
  • December 2017 - Berlin Germany, Glasgow Scotland, Ghent Belgium
  • February 2018 - Auroville India
  • A town near you!

Holochain Hackathon - SFO March 6 - 8, 2017


Our first hackathon was a fantastic success! It was the unveiling of our Holochain software which was barely ready for development, but people jumped into building apps and supplementing parts of the system by upgrading our testing framework and dockerizing our installation.

Some people participated remotely during our live stream and at other times. We had some great events, meals, and gatherings that people came to who couldn’t make it during the hackathon.


Remote Participants

Applications Built (but not fully stable yet)

  • Distributed Slack-alike: Do your slack chat team conversations without a central server. Implement a different holochain instance for each team.
  • Distributed Twitter: Micro-post broadcasting without central server infrastructure
  • Trust Exchange - Making signed claims, information, ratings.

Other Apps in Progress or On Deck

  • Distributed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure): Reliable decentralized infrastructure to share, search, find, validate public keys against contact information of individuals.
  • Rating / Tagging / Feedback: Distributed way to assert metrics, semantics, and annotations on to any addressable / linkable item
  • Fact Checking: Distributed fact checking system
  • Shares / Incentives / Rewards: Mutual Credit Cryptoshares, Cryptocurrencies

Other Lurking Ideas for Holochain Apps

  • Personal Syncro Chain which publishes to larger Group Holochains: What if you want to have a handful of your devices synchronize with each other on a holochain, but present themselves as a unified address in groups you participate in?
  • Quantified Self Universal Logging App: Log whatever you want to your personal data store.

What do you want to work on?

Important Takeaway

Do not participate in a hackathon from your car – bad things can happen:
Car in Ditch