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Operations in the Ceptr Ecosystem

Human Organization

Organizational Structure

The MetaCurrency Project operates as a non-profit association. We don’t have bosses and employees but function open community building tools for the next economy. That means we have to practice using those tools on ourselves to make sure the stuff we’re building to empower others actually works.

We operate as a do-acracy, empowering people to participate in whatever ways they see fit in self-directed teams. We ask these teams to share some information and coordinate with the organization at least once a month (see hol-op).

Compensation for Participation

Currently, very few people take any compensation, but we have structures for tracking contribution under development, so that we can reward people in multiple ways:

  1. Transformational Experience: We build not only the computer technology to transition to a new world, but the social technology as well. This means we walk our talk as much as possible (while still building some of the necessary tools). Team members describe their experience from participating as transformational both in personal power and capacities, as well as their abilities to lead and organize groups in new ways. And we intend to continually invent and embody the leading-edge of agile, self-governing principles.

  2. Short-term accountabilities: At this stage in our work, we have received some funding that the biz-team directs toward producing specific strategic results that we budget for. All of this compensation: stipends, fellowships, residencies, and bounties are connected to measurable accountabilities. Find out more.

  3. Long-term results: Some value becomes more apparent over time by its actual impact or use. For example, if you build an application that nobody was asking for, it wouldn’t be covered in our near-term budgeting. However, if over time, that application is heavily used in the community, or becomes a core building block for other apps, the long-term value became clear and measurable in those results. We are implementing a royalties system for rewarding this kind of contribution.

  4. Cryptocurrency: We are building toward the launch of a cryptocurrency for fueling the Ceptr technology ecosystem (similar to how Ether fuels Ethereum). We want to be careful about expectations that we set up around this, but it is our intention for our ongoing value accounting to be able to be rewarded through these means.

  5. Building a Better World: Let’s just tell the truth – the old system isn’t working. Money, politics, war… business as usual is eating the planet. We have to build the tools that enable us to coordinate and collaborate in new, healthier ways, or we get to watch ourselves destroy the world. Humanity must make this transition! For many of us, this is the primary or only motivation. We’d like to attract a community of contributors for whom this is a core reason to be here. If that’s not you, there are plenty of other projects to work on.

Governance & Control

We operate in the context of a commons, “growing the share” of value available to each of us, as well some value we share openly.

Once we can run our own community on the tools we’re building, we’d like to turn this strategizing and valuation over to a large self-governing model, but for now, we’re just building in that direction.

Establishing a Commons

We work toward building the tools which will enable us to operate as a decentralized autonomous organization, specifically a Sovereign Accountable Commons running on Ceptr. This will include structures for community self-organizing and self-governance.