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Arthur Brock

Reading List

People have been asking how they can find out more about Ceptr... What it is... How it works... etc. There are a few layers of answers to this question. The first is that we need to publish more, but nonetheless, there's some pretty substantial stuff for those who want to dig in.

And there's still HOPE

Marc Clifton is a very prolific and thorough technical writer who has written about Ceptr & HOPE (Higher Order Programming Environment). A bunch of the design of HOPE is connected to his interactions with us around Ceptr, but is an environment he built on C# to play with. It has a number of differences, but is still a good way to see what Ceptr-like stuff looks like in action. The following articles are listed newest first (If you want to be thorough, you can start at the bottom of the list and work your way up.) This may actually be the largest bulk of documentation about Ceptr that exists so far, even though it's not precisely about Ceptr. Many of the articles have VIDEOS which really help see what it all looks like in action. Watch them!

  1. Strong Type Checking with Semantic Types
  2. Distributed Semantic Computing
  3. Introducing Semtrex (This one is important and has critical Ceptr code (Semtrex) compiled to integrate with his C# interface. Eric and Art are listed as authors, but Marc still did the bulk of the writing)
  4. The Kitchen Sink
  5. The Semantic Database In Action
  6. Semantic Database: Concept, Architecture and Implementation
  7. The Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing
  8. Hunt the Wumpus
  9. APOD Website Scraper, a HOPE demonstration
  10. HOPE - Higher Order Programming Environment