Semantic. Interoperable. Cryptographic.
Concurrent. Responsive.
Networks awakened as living ecosystems.


Building a Global Nervous System

Ceptr is one of those audacious, world-changing projects which can't be summarized into a shiny catch-phrase, but here are some anyway.

Ceptr is a:

  • Cooperative framework for distributed applications
  • Quantum leap in large-scale collective social intelligence
  • Peer-to-Peer platform for building new Commons
  • Pluggable protocols that let everything talk to everything
  • Organically organized computing architecture of fractal receptors

Breakthroughs in our capacities to communicate and coordinate restructure society. Language birthed culture and hunter-gatherer tribes. Writing forged kingdoms and agriculture-age empires. Printing enabled nations and industrial-age economies.

The Internet launched a new restructuring of society, but is constrained by computing tech designed for centralized control. Learning from nature's blueprints, Ceptr provides an evolvable, fully distributed framework for coordination and sense-making on all scales.

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Ceptr Sub-Projects

Walk Through the Ceptr Technology

 Video of overview of Ceptr

MIT/KIT Webinar

DIP YOUR TOES: Good overview of the various parts of Ceptr.

 Video of deep dive into Ceptr

Ceptr Under the Hood

DEEP DIVE: A three hour tour of the entire Ceptr Architecture.

Join Us

Get Involved!

We have developers actively coding in many of the sub-projects. Join our Mattermost chat to jump into the right channels to support tech documentation, back-end development, or front-end UI (We need a lot of UI/UX help!). Back-end systems are built mostly in Go, while front-end application UI is browser-based JavaScript.

Questions? Chat with us.

Other Ways to Participate

Ceptr is open source and funded only by the sweat of our team (as of January 2017 -- this could change soon). If you like what you see, but are not so technical, visit the MetaCurrency Project for other ways to participate.

Participate & Explore

Special Event

Holochain Hackathon