Purpose: Brings cloud computing out to the edges by enabling truly distributed applications and hosting: on laptops, phones, routers, devices, as well as servers.


This sub-project is best understood as a development phase when we will be boot-strapping a number of applications using Holochains & Pcubed. This will demonstrate composing with holochains and how that technology provides edge computing.

Apps Ecosystem

These are some of the applications that support an edge-hosted application ecosystem, and that we want for our own project, so we will be developing them in this phase of the project.

  • Distributed PKI
  • Distributed Directories
  • Rating/Tagging/Annotation
  • Chat & Social posting
  • Distributed Content Delivery Network
  • A crypto-reputation-currency akin to a bit torrent sharing ratio
  • A mutual-credit cryptocurrency for micro transactions and settlement of hosting imbalances.