Ceptr Main Projects

Dig into some sub-projects to grasp Ceptr's capacities:

Protocol for Pluggable Protocols

Complete interoperability: No more silos and brittle APIs. Self-Describing protocols and a universal parsing system allows anything to talk to anything.

Truly Distributed Apps

Take cloud computing to a whole new level by enabling truly distributed applications and hosting: on laptops, phones, routers, devices, and servers.

Sovereign Accountable Commons

Organizations incorporated in distributed app code instead of legal codes enabling new patterns of self-governance and mutual sovereignty.

Neural Internetworking

By supporting sticky requests which send data whenever conditions are matched, we enable neural-like behavior across all applications.

Ceptr Core

The fabric which binds all these capacities into an integrated framework, plus: Virtual Machine Host, Fractal Receptors, Parallel Tree Processing, and more.


See how the technology works

MIT/KIT Webinar

Good for getting a handle on various parts of Ceptr.

Ceptr Under the Hood

DEEP DIVE: A three hour tour of the entire Ceptr Architecture.

Get Involved!

We have developers actively coding in many of the sub-projects. Join our Slack Team to jump into the right channels to support tech documentation, back-end development, or front-end UI (We need a lot of UI/UX help!). Back-end systems are built mostly in Go, while front-end application UI is browser-based JavaScript.

Other Ways to Participate

Ceptr is open source and funded only by the sweat of our team (as of January 2017 -- this could change soon). If you like what you see, but are not so technical, visit the MetaCurrency Project for other ways to participate.