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Eric Harris-Braun

Restructuring Ceptr Into Sub-Projects

There’s been quite a bit of movement in Ceptr development over the last few weeks, so I wanted to just give brief overview of what’s going on. The big news is that we’ve broken the Ceptr development effort into some smaller sub-projects that are each independently valuable . Not only does this make the effort more manageable, but, we hope, will increase surface area for participation.

One of these sub-project, which we’re calling holochain, provides the distributed data-store for Ceptr. This part of the project has been on the drawing board for quite a while, but in these last weeks I’ve been on a coding sprint to get out a working prototype, the progress of which you can see here.

The code in the current repo will to get broken out into two separate projects: The first will be what we’re calling Pcubed for Plugable Protocol for Protocol’s. This will extract into a separate library our semantic-trees and semtrex engine that allows us to build that meta-protocol for specifying protocols. The second will be ceptr-core, which binds together holochain and Pcubed with the Virtual Machine Host to provide our fractal receptor compute fabric.

I’ve jumped to golang for holochain development, and I’m pretty sure that when we break the current ceptr C code-base into it’s sub-parts that we’ll covert to go too.

More about the other sub-projects later as we produce documentation!