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Arthur Brock

Announcing MIT / KIT Webinar -- April 2, 2015

We've been asked to present our work on Ceptr via an MIT webinar as part of their (Kerberos and Internet Trust) series highlighting notablenew technologies. You can find the event on the MIT web site, and participate. We'll post a recording to this site afterward.

We've been building all kinds of low-level underlying tech in Ceptr, but it's hard to make that kind of stuff visible to an end-user rather than a programmer. For this call, so that people can actually seewhat's happening under the hood, we've created some video demos and some visualization interfaces to render the underlying semantic trees in a web-browser via JavaScript.

Here's a preview of some of what we'll be showing.

DEMO: The first demo is Ceptr-like, not actually Ceptr, it is of H.O.P.E (Higher Order Programming Environment) built by Marc Clifton usingreceptor and membrane computing similar to Ceptr. Marc has also been building C# interfaces in Windows directly on top of our code from github, but this video he recorded helpsyou see the kinds of interactions receptors have.

Ceptr RunTrees: Eric also made a recording showing how the underlying semantic trees in Ceptr which store data and code, can be used as a kind of semantic stack which "eats itself" as it processes leaving behind the result of the processing.

We're building all of these things into a Prezi for the call (which we'll post here as well when we're done building it).

Enjoy this opportunity to see what's going on inside all this low-level code. :)